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Sunday, July 09, 2006

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Me & Justin =]
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

How can you be so mad at someone, and still love them so much? Even tho they are putting you thro all kinds of misery? Sumone help...

I miss him so much...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Cheer uniforms!! BRAND NEW What do you think?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Arizona can be pretty...

Jello!! (my nickname for Jill)THis was soo funny, she made the cutest face, but the camera didn't flash in time, so I made her do it again hehe, it was like 2 am after my birthday party lol, we almost got in trouble because we were past curfew, lame!
(left to right) Mel,Ariel,Me,Danielle
(left to right) Me,Kory,Christiane, Jill -->(top)
My favorite Birthday party (Sweet 16!!) It was tooo much fun ;)
This is one of the coolest pics, but anyway, these are some of my friends the FMADS (Fawn,Molly,Ariel,Danielle,and Sam)

Me and my friend Stephen at my house on our way to prom :)

Me and Jessie at the Valentines day dance, man am I short lol...

Haha, that's what I get for falling asleep after prom at an all-nighter huh?

(left to right) Jello,Eddie,Me,Jesus,and Christiane. All the graduations parties were sooo much fun, this is at Jesus' party, probably my favorite one :)

This was at Korys house for his graduation party, he's the one on top lol (left to right Jello,Sam,Sandy,Me,Sarah,Ashley)

Pastor!! I love Pastor Martin sooo much, he is like my favorite person in the whole world! He helps me with everything and is such an awesome person!!

Monica!! Isn't she the cutest thing ever!!? Especially in those bug glasses! :P Yup on our way to Mexico....

Haha, almost there...

Yes! We are there...hehe Rocky Point was really fun...I love the beach!

This was in San Diego with my Bible Study the first time I went on o trip (Mexico was the second)

My favorite animal at Sea World

My senior friends on their trip!

My oldest sister Amy with her boyfriend Will

My second oldest sister Dawn

Missy and her family (part of ours practically as well) :)

Me and my boys :P hehe,just messing they are the Sanders kids.

Modeling for Christiane, lol.

Haha, my friend Paul and Dawns friend Jason arm wrestling at my house.

My beautiful blonde hair before......

My horrible dark hair after.

My gorgeous little sister Andrea

Mwahaha, when you least expect it Daddy, I have the camera :P

Two more sisters, Sandy and my family keeps growing.

Another Amanda Swanamabober...hehe

My little brother Dodds (Joseph)

Me and my older sister Christiane

My beautiful Marlene, and Sandy.

Awww my Stephen, and Sandy, they are soo meant to be!! <33

Ok, REAL sisters lol.

Me and Seans baby her name is I didn't come up with her name lol.

My Danielle-y-poo, or D.P, or Dpoo, or, big "D" lol :)

yay softball!! see my number 23!! lol

Natalie!! Isn't she soo cute? I love her to death.